you are my precious baby

north. east. west. south

Eh?! What day is it?!

OH! It's my baby's special day!

I better start prepping!

A little of this and a little of that...

And a lot of loooooove!!!








My ChikaraUta is...
My ChikaraUta is... CRY

The first time I ever heard this song, judging by the melody, rhythm and a tiny bit Japanese I know, I already knew that it's an awesome song---level inspirational, encouraging and comforting. And I was right! When I searched aitamashii for the lyrics I cry-ed... That time I was not going through anything but it hit me straight to the heart. I remember dedicating this song once to a friend when she was going through something and I believe it comforted her just like how it comforts me right now.

It's my ChikaraUta because at this point in my life, this song is like NEWS hugging me tightly, saying "There, there. It's okay, just cry it all out. You'll become stronger. You'll carry on." It's just amazing how this song warms my heart and feel the presence of NEWS members supporting me, encouraging me and comforting me in the lowest-est point of my life. And this part of the song says it all...

キミはきっと笑うだろう こんな泣き顔みたら
だから涙を全部こぼしたら 笑顔になれる希望を拾うよ

泣いてしまおう 今日は…

Belated Happy Birthday K-chan! ♥
Thank you sg_paanas for this lovely activity! ♥

It must be the weather!
It's been two months since that unfortunate day... And today, something stirred things up. It must be the weather~

One of our company activities for this month is Impromptu speaking. I was scared just the thought of standing infront of my fellow teachers and talk about stuff and things that might end up in disaster or worse a lifetime embarrassment. The activity has already started when I entered the room. I silently sat and it was not less than 2 minutes, I was called and gosh, it was my turn!

My heart was pounding, my hands were shaking and I was just plain nervous... Until I picked that random orange paper with a random topic written on it.

Tell about a ghost of someone you would want to meet and why.

I was given 30 seconds to think about it, organize my thoughts and such. No matter how hard I try not to think of my dad, it's only him I could think of. Maybe it was the right time to just talk about it and let it out.

This was not the exactly it but for lj purposes I've added some things and polished it. ^^

"I remember him. I miss him. When I close my eyes at night and sleep, I see him. That sucks because I know he's never gonna be there when I wake up. Now to be given a chance to meet a ghost of someone, that would be of my dad's. I would just spend a moment with him and treat it like a day when we would watch basketball/sports or when we would jam or when we would talk about aliens or otherworldy beings. And it would be lovely If I could just see and feel that he's at peace and no longer in pain. And if we could hold each other again, I'd definitely hug him like there's no tomorrow! And if my dad would give me a pat on the head or on my shoulder, I'd savor it!"

It was all a blur now and I'm trying hard to remember what happened to me and to my speech haha (I have to see if anyone had recorded it)... I did cry a lot and it was very ugly! It was liberating, though.

So there, I hope this one little post would somehow help me interact with my friends online and offline again. I miss you, all!

Happy Children's Day in Korea! The reason why I was able to post today... no classes and hold. 

CLOCK STRIKES! [A Testimonial]
The long wait is over!

One Ok Rock 2016 35XXXV Asia Tour Live in Manila
This has been the most electrifying, the most intense concert I've ever been to EVER! The non-stop singing, jumping, screaming, head banging and more screaming made my whole body sore (not to mention Dayan and Kawenwen whacking my arms whenever the boys would do something that would make them tingle) but my heart is filled with sooooo much happiness that I can't even express in words. I enjoyed every bit of this concert! I told myself that the first Japanese act I would see live would be NEWS, but I don't regret watching One Ok Rock instead. I think it's how it should be and I'm glad that I did not hesitate to save bucks  just to secure a concert ticket. I promise, I swear, the next time they perform here, I'd buy VIP tix with M&G!!!
I love how this concert has allowed me to meet new friends and finally meet and reunite with my online friends/friends from different fandoms.

I love the setlist. it felt like they played a lot of songs but to my suprise they played 17 songs encore included!!! Wow!!!
I love the stunts OOR did (just check out rappler's posts and the members ig accounts). Everybody was following their lead. When Taka says clap, everybody claps. When Taka says jump, everybody jumps. When Taka says sing, everybody sings. And it's amazing how one person could do that...What sorcery is this?! LOLXD I wanna be a rockstar!!!
Taka's voice is soooo awesome live! It's soooo powerful and immaculate!!! I was like, how come it's like listening to their CDs, only it's sooooooooooooo LIVE!!!!
It's been weeks since the concert but I can still feel the energy and happiness that OOR(special mention: Tomoya)  gave me. To be honest, it's still kinda surreal. OOR came, saw and conquered! Unbelievable! I was there and it all happened right in front of my eyes! Thanks to all the people who were part of this---fans, amuse ph, pulp. Thank you, G!


A special reminder from Tomoya, "マハリキタ!!"

Thanks Dana of for this very charming Tomo pic! ♥

Simulan na natin ang alamat!

Simulan na natin ang alamat.

Alam nyo...
28 years old na ako.
Rock and roll to the world!

Better Late Than Never

Dear Massu,
I'm very sorry for this very late birthday greeting. But I wish you good health and more projects in the future---dorama. Please continue inspiring us with your smile and your voice. Thank you and  I love you forever, even when I get you!!! LOL I'm just kidding!!! No, I'm not!!! LOL I'm kidding alright~ ♥Sheila

Dear Shigechan,
Thank you for inspiring me to do my best in my own way. I wish for your pink and grey movie to be a big hit! And may you have perfect health this year and more shows!!! By the way, I really think that you are doing a great job in your current show. Ganbatte! ♥Sheila
PS sorry for this late greeting :3

Because I missed him...
WARNING: Taiyou picspam ahead

So, he's on twitter...but I failed to even notice him these past few days (?) weeks (?) See, I'm not even sure! Anyway, one post from him made me realize how much I've missed him ♥

TaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouTaiyouCollapse )
And his Ameblo account is like Yamashita's treasure! Jackpot! XD

The Switch~
Even if they haven't pressed the switch yet...Know that we are going to wait passionately ♥

[Reply to Ring 137 by Tegoshi Yuya]

Hi Sheila desu! Aah~ Summer! If you're too sad that it's ending...Why don't you come to Philippines again! It's unli Summer here www The last syllable is "chi" CHIKARA!

Even if they haven't pressed the switch yet...Know that we are going to wait passionately ♥ And we'll send you every "Chikara" we've got!

I'm really interested in everything you say in your magazine how about an "unabridged" issue? Also, I wanna know my limit in how much randomness I can take www

I know that you love us, and we love you too...but live tour all year long? Release every month? Haha! Give our pockets a break! Haha just kidding~I know what you mean. I've never been to any of your con though orz

I want to meet you guys! REALLY! Don't worry, I'll work haaaard and see you! And when that time comes, yeah be ready too, because i'll hit you with my best shot! www

Regarding that issue (that I've never heard of not until your update) I'm really happy to know that you respect and love paanas and all...but in my opinion, Tegoshi should also be happy...not only Tego but Masuda, Shige and Kei too :)) It's not about "that" issue anymore...but when that time comes..please be happy! :)

Cheer up and remember Paanas love you... まってるよ~ ^^

I was thinking of posting this yesterday but didn't hehe~
Now showing gwuys! Let's all enjoy RK! :)) I'm sooo excited to see the fight scenes! Yeah! Sundate movie with fan girlfriends!
Meanwhile, I've just finished watching Hotaru no Hikari season 1(hehe i know, i know~ a seven year-old drama)~ and because I'm curious about season two and the movie, and i was so concerned about which one came first: the movie or season 2...I asked for help from a very good friend of ours...internet! And oh boyyy~ I was so wrong to do that! o.o I have just spoiled myself without any warning...I hate myself! I found out things that I shouldn't have found out yet D':
Ahomiya and Buchou got married!
And, after that I learned that season two came first, then the movie (oooh~ Tesshi!) Tama nga naman no? huhu~ Anyway, "HOW" they got to the "married" part is what I should watch out for in season two! kya! ♥ haha!

I really like this poster ♥
How's everybody? I hope you are all okay~kya! XD

My Eyes Are Sweating!
It's been two years since I watched the first two episodes of Pi's Ending Planner. Yes, only Tamamori Yuta episodes. I wanted to watch the whole drama but I wasn't able to. But, regret nothing. Maybe if I have watched it before, it wouldn't have much impact to me than it has now :)

I'd like to share Masa-pyon's last monologue.

"To father and brother. People live while facing death. We live to face the death that will come some time. So, what are people born for? What are we living for? We can't hear the voice of the deceased and we can't feel their warmth. But, we still can talk to them inside our heart. That's because we remember that we are loved by them and we love them too. People were born to this world to learn the value of love. Live to give their love. And then the love they left here will forever continue forever. Thank you for protecting us. Thank you for loving us. See you again. Just joking. That's all."

credits to:, translator mayamaya3d

Thanks mocoharuma tita Joy for the copy :) Haha! Grabe po~ Ending Planner at Hotaru no Hikari ang sabay ko pinanuod XD Matatapos ko na po yung HH mamaya :)


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